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Bus Fittings

BUS Fittings

Manufacturing of special bus fittings
Supplied to LG Electronics! (Exported to more than 10 countries including South Africa)
Manufactured Special Devices and Internal & External Fittings of LG Electronics circulating customer service vehicles
Bus Fittings

Product Description
Hankuk System Co., Ltd ambitiously expanded the section of special vehicle fittings in 2010 based on the experience of manufacturing of prisoner transportation vehicle fittings, and has exported circulating customer service vehicles of LG Electronics overseas companies.  The company proceeds with the overseas sales continuously. In addition, Hankuk System Co., Ltd operates the special fittings of marine yacht, ship and camping car as well according to the demand increase of high-quality leisure products.
Range of Hankuk Systems Special Fittings
- Special fittings of commercial vehicles such as bus (Mobile customer service center,
Mobile conference room, VIP vehicle, Prisoner transportation vehicle, etc.)
- Camping cars for leisure
- Special fittings of marine yacht and vessel
Details of the Special Fittings
- Total interior & manufacturing of special fittings
- Exterior design wrapping
- Installation of solar power panels and generators
- Lighting, AV, TV, DVD, air-conditioning system, seats, front and rear cameras and sensor, toilet for vehicle, etc.
Bus Fittings
Bus Fittings
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