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Cold Water Dispenser

BX 212

BX 212
Cold/Hot Water Dispenser & Cooling/Heating Cabinet
incorporated with Wooden Cabinet / Barrier Set
Standard Specification of Daewoo Bus
Cold Water Dispenser  
Product Description
The tender design of natural wood texture raises passengers visual satisfaction, elegantly decorating the entrance of vehicle interior. And the product provides passengers with a fair view as the Cold/Hot Water Dispenser and Cooling/Heating Cabinet are horizontally arranged, and cold/hot water tanks are safely embedded, while the existing products, which Cold/Hot Water Dispenser is mounted on top of Cooling/Heating Cabinet, give stifling feeling by blocking passengers front view, and increase the risk of burn by falling of hot water in the event of an accident. In addition, the wooden cabinet with sufficient space helps to maintain neat environment as drivers belongings can be kept neatly.
The barrier (separator) secures a drivers safety by elegantly separating between the driver seat and passenger seats, and provides convenience with the embedded cabinet, auxiliary seat and backrest.
- Applied vehicles: BX 212 (standard specification), FX 212 (optional specification)
BX 212 Hot/Cold Water Dispenser before installing into Wooden Cabinet
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