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Cold/Hot Water Dispenser integrated with Cooling/Heating Cabinet
Supplied to Daewoo Bus Corporation's Export Vehicles

HCR-7000W(Wood Color Top)
HCR-7000G(Gray Color Top)
Applied Vehicle Models
All vehicle models of Hyundai Motor Company, Daewoo Bus and Kia Motors
Special Features of the Product
- Large capacity cooling/heating cabinet with optimized design for large size buses that can be installed without modification of seat arrangement
- Powerful performance of cooling/heating (70L capacity)
- Optional installation of wooden case, providing extra storage
   space and elegant interior design
- Optional top color : Wood or Gray
- Dimension : 320(W) x 440(L) x 740(H) mm
   Wooden Case (Optional Item) 
Nuts are embeded in the body of the product to ease mounting with wooden case
  Description per Section
1) Lid for Cooling/Heating Cabinet
Opening the lids, storing food, etc. cool or hot. Silicon gaskets are equipped with to block off external air to come into the cabinet.
2) Storage side of the cabinet
Made of stainless steel  that reduce concerns of unpleasant food smell
3) Optional choice of top color
Optional choice of top color is available for different design feels
4) Set display and Cooling-ON/OFF/Heating-ON switch
LCD display indicating and controlling temperature and Cooling/OFF/Heating switch 
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